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How The Affiliate Program VHosting Solution Works?

The circuit is based on the formula for revenue sharing (profit sharing).

By exposing the creativity that we have available to give your users the possibility to place orders from your website or mailing list.

When a User clicks on your banner and / or text links, and a trace stored inside your computer that causes for 90 days make any order on this VHosting Solution, you is a recognized percentage equal to 20 % of the total spending on all products listed on our site, except:

  • Dedicated Servers
  • SSL Certificates
  • VPS 10%;

Through our Affiliate Tracking software will have real-time vision of the commissions, the traffic generated by the banner, use the creativity, and more up to date.

Payment of commissions will be made ??when receive payment for the product / service. The minimum amount to be overcome, for the payment of commissions, is 35€

If this does not happen VHosting Solution withhold the amount until attainment of the minimum (you can use your credits to buy and / or renew our services)

In order to affiliate simply creates an account on this website. More information contact.

Details of the program

Commission: pay per sale (after payment for renewal);

Pagamento: reached 35 euros. Bank Transfer.;

VHosting Solution

  • Pay per Sale
  • Pay per Renew
  • Payout 35€

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