Id Shield Privacy Protect

Id-Shield Privacy Protect

ID Shield protects your personal information is not exposing them in public. The Domain Privacy Protection Service will provide to enter information alternatives which guarantee a high level of protection.

Without the protection Shield Id anyone could gain access to information private including e-mail, which may be subject with much likely to spam thanks to Dynamic eMail System-mail address electronic visible will change constantly, and then attempts to spam on the box will fail.

The Domain Privacy Protection Service will be the only one aware of your true box and take care of you will not lose any important regarding your domain. We offer complete control You will retain the property of the domain and you are free to transfer it, renew it sell it.

VHosting Solution

  • 99.80% Uptime
  • Datacenter 200+ Gbps
  • Support 24x7x365
  • Redundance Datacenter
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