VHosting Solution is committed to provide the service with characteristics correspond to those indicated in the descriptions of the product published on the site , subject to the need to carry out hardware and software updates based on given circumstances.
In any case VHosting Solution disclaims any responsibility to the customer or third party for any delay or interruption of service, stating that the nature of the Internet does not guarantee reachability of a website address or e-mail at certain times.

The downtime is calculated monthly by the appropriate software.

They are not part of the SLA guarantee the following cases:

  • Software malfunction or misconfiguration of them installed by the customer;
  • Maintenance of the datacenter;
  • Interruptions resulting from the interruption of the dorsal or problems relating to the malfunction of your line;
  • All the products without the words nell'uptime SLA. NOTE: For servers SLA will be dedicated with the words monitored the operation of gateway and hardware. There will be monitored directly on the server customer.
  • Other problems resulting from a failure of our datacenter.

Below is the table relative to reimbursement of all Customers will report downtime of their products / services within and 'not over 3 days of the beginning of each month for monthly contract services co, for services with annual contract must notify us within 7 days of the expiry the hosting plan.

  • UpTime Monthly equal to or greater than the value reported in sheets NO REFUND;
  • UpTime Monthly less than that reported in the technical up to 97.5%, REFUND OF 10%;
  • UpTime Monthly less than 97.5%, REFUND OF 20%.

Remember that refunds can not be converted into cash, but rather ' will be credited into your control panel, and can be used for the purchase and / or renewal of your services.

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VHosting Solution

  • 99.80% Uptime
  • Datacenter 200+ Gbps
  • Support 24x7x365
  • Redundance Datacenter
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